Snehal Creation Indian Fashion Salwar Kameez is the most popular traditional attire worn by the women in India . It is called the Punjabi Suit, Salwar Suit, Patiala Salwar Suit, Churidar Suit, Traditional Salwar Kameez, Embroidered Salwar Kamiz, Salwar Kurti Suit also. This popular Indian Dress evolved as a comfortable and respectable garment for women in India, but is now immensely popular in all over the world. There are many reasons wear Indian Salwar Kameez such as it is modest, great value, elegant, graceful and the bottom line is that it is comfortable. Bollywood Salwar Kameez gives decent yet stylish look to a teenager as well as a woman. Some women also like to wear Saree or Choli Sari in wedding. Designer Salwar Kameez or Churidar look smart for casual family gatherings or even for a wedding ceremony and a printed cotton salwar suit or poly crepe printed salwar suit is good for everyday wear. Cotton Salwar suits look decent and keep you cool in summer season. Poly. crepe salwar suits are easy to wash very comfortable while wearing.
Snehal creation is maintaining its position as leader in new era design collection. People living in Asian region especially Indian wear Salwar Kameez on most event like marriages, birthday even it consider the national dress. This is conventional attire used commonly among men and women in India. This is known to be a Punjabi suit wear usually at home by women for elasticity. Patiala Salwar in baggy form with platting provide much comfortably then conventional Salwar.

Salwar kurtis suit is common design resembles to lose fitting attire extending to hips or thighs. Now fashion of wearing Salwar kurti among women is on rise. It presents nice view when they wear. This can be wear with Salwar or denim jeans. Salwar and Kurti work out comfortable and veneration women in India.

Churdier suit is one of prominent outfit of Indian's fashion that is made to save from muddy and dirty places when people normally attend ceremonies at monsoon season. Churidar suit can manage muddy and dirty place quite comfortably and at same time provides extremely charming look. It is naturally made tight fitting outfit easy to wear & suitable to wear in rainy season. Snehal creation has the wide market of Punjabi suits or Salwar suits.

Embroidered Salwar Kameez is another category in Indian attires. This said product is stuffed with crafting of thread or other shinning product. These outfit looks like pearl and embroidery add an element to its beauty; they are normally worn at marriages by bridal or at engagement parties. Snehal creation is providing embroidered Salwar Kameez in different color and size assortment.

Indian Salwar Kameez is traditional outfit common among both genders. Primarily, it is worn by both genders but later on it is confined to women. Basic layout of Indian Salwar Kameez is unchanged but development in cutting matches to western fashion.

Sari or Choli is most significant product popular due to simplicity. Due to its unstitched nature it can be wear by women of all ages. Now, it is equally common in celebrities and bolly wood stars.

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